Team Coaching

If you are a group of people with a shared endeavour, where your collective impact could be so much greater than the sum of your individual parts, then you could benefit from team coaching to realise your full collective potential. To get the most out of your team coaching you will need a bit of bravery and openness to change, but you know that already.

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What are the benefits?

In short, Team Coaching helps you to create some magic together.

You may be a new team, an existing team facing a new mission, a team in transition with members leaving and joining or indeed a successful team that wants to have an even bigger impact in the world.

My role as your team coach is to work with the whole group to create the conditions in which you can thrive. Depending on the team size I also work alongside a second trusted partner coach.

By bringing an external perspective, the team coaches work with you to create a safe space in which you can experiment and learn together. We can ask the difficult questions which perhaps go unspoken, challenge existing ways of doing and being, support and champion you as you grow, and encourage you to take accountability for your collective and individual development.

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Real world

Team coaching has the biggest impact when it takes place in context, your context.

We design the coaching to help you seize your biggest opportunities and tackle your greatest challenges so that you both develop as a team and create business results as you grow. This generates a significantly bigger and faster ROI than many traditional 'team building' activities which take place in isolation and while leaving you with a good feeling, don't create sustainable change.

We will work with you to define a compelling vision, understand and meet the needs of your external stakeholders, adapt to the organisational culture you operate in, clarify your ways of working together, appreciate and play to the strengths of team members while continually learning from your experiences.

My approach draws on proven approaches from systems coaching as well as traditional coaching and leadership development tools. It is real world, practical and designed to help you make impact.


This is how it works

Every situation is unique, though a typical engagement would involve similar steps to these:

  1. Get in touch and we can arrange a free of charge meeting. We will explore your needs, whether they are appropriate for team coaching and you can get feel for who I am and how I work. As a member of the International Coach Federation I abide by the ICF Code of Ethics.

  2. I will create a proposal for how we would approach the engagement together and what your investment will be. Take your time, ask questions and involve the team before you commit.

  3. Inquiry - a combination of individual 1:1s and questionnaires with team members and key stakeholders to build trust and establish how the team operates and the impact that it has. The findings are shared back to the team in our first session together. This new awareness and exploration already creates value and enables us to agree the focus for future coaching sessions.

  4. Follow up sessions as required. Typically 3-5 sessions of between 3 hours and a full day over the course of 6-12 months.


Ready to take the first step?