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Who is team coaching for?

If you are a group of people with a shared endeavour, where your collective impact could be so much greater than the sum of your parts, then you could benefit from team coaching to realise your full collective potential.

You may be a new team, an existing team facing a new mission, a team in transition with members leaving and joining or indeed a successful team that wants to set even higher standards and become a role-model to the organisation.

To get the most out of your team coaching you will need a bit of bravery and openness to change, but you know that already.

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What are the benefits of team coaching?

In short, it helps you to create some magic together.

You may have already experienced being in an outstanding team or witnessed one in operation. These teams tend to be highly purposeful, where trust is a given, the working practices are inclusive and creative and as a result engagement is high while stress levels are healthy. Outstanding teams create significant positive impact in the world in which they operate, for the benefit of their stakeholders. Who wouldn't want to work in an environment like this?

The role of the team coach is to work with the team and its leader to create the conditions in which you can thrive. By bringing a fresh perspective, the team coach works with you to create a safe space in which you can experiment and learn together. They can ask the difficult questions which perhaps go unspoken, challenge existing ways of doing and being, support and champion you as you grow and encourage you to take accountability.


What does team coaching involve?

Every situation is unique and many of the themes are common across teams, though with a different priority and emphasis.

The first step involves carrying out a diagnostic to understand the team's current situation which can inform contracting between the team and team coach so that we are clear on respective expectations and the desired outcomes.

The engagement then typically includes some combination of: clarifying team purpose and stakeholder expectations including resolution of conflicting perspectives which can derail the team; understanding group dynamics and getting the best out every member of the team; agreeing ways of working to enable creativity and productivity; establishing how to lead as a team even when you are not together; embedding learning into everything you do so that you are able to evolve and thrive in your ever changing environment.

Team coaching has the biggest impact when it takes place in context. We design the coaching to help you seize your biggest opportunities and tackle your greatest challenges so that you both develop as a team and create business results in the process. This generates a significantly bigger and faster ROI than many traditional 'team building' activities which take place in isolation and don't create sustainable change.

Expect to commit to several team coaching sessions over a period of months to get the most from your investment.

What next?

You have got this far so why not get in touch to see whether I can help. Nothing to lose and everything to gain!

If you have decided that team coaching is not what you need then perhaps some of my Resilience and Personal Leadership workshops better meet your needs.

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