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Join one of our beginners running courses and get inspired to make running part of your life.

Our proven 7 week programme takes you from nothing to 30 minutes without stopping and is literally life changing.


‘Pop-up’ Wednesday evening and Saturday morning runs in Rapperswil SG.

Training with the Kenyans in Nyahururu

Training with the Kenyans in Nyahururu

Run like a Kenyan

'Run like a Kenyan' is an inspiring Masterclass based on my experiences of living in East Africa and training with some of the worlds best runners over many years.

I uncover the secrets and myths of Kenyan running and show you how to adapt and apply the concepts yourself to take your running to the next level.

There are also some surprising and highly relevant lessons for leaders looking to build and sustain a high performance culture in their organisations.

Brilliant, I learned so much and I’m looking forward to running like a Kenyan! Fantastic Kenyan coffee as well.
— G, Dorset
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Marathon Magic

This Marathon masterclass will give you an edge in your marathon training and racing.

You will learn about the key training sessions to include in your training, how to structure the build up phase to your marathon, how to taper effectively for the race and then how to get the maximum out of your performance on race day.

If only I had been on this course years ago. At least I ran a big personal best this time. Highly recommended.
— J, London
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The back catalogue of RunNudge videos along with latest blog posts can be found on the RunNudge Facebook page

There is more free stuff available on my downloads page including a write up of the awesome 2009 World Championships Elite Coaching Seminar with Alberto Salazar, George Gandy, Wilson Kipketer and Liz McColgan.