Perform at your best

21st Century life can be draining. Our ability to adapt and respond to ever increasing rates of change has become compromised. Develop your skills to survive and thrive, to overcome setbacks and seize opportunities. Become a better version of yourself.

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Personal Coaching

Coaching inspires people to step into a creative mindset, access all their personal resources and create the life they want to live. The power of coaching is in raising self-awareness, helping us tap into our deep sense of purpose and values while creating new choices and supporting us in taking action to realise our goals.

I work with proven tools and models from the world of coaching and personal development. As a member of the International Coach Federation I abide by the ICF Code of Ethics.

The coaching process starts with a FREE taster conversation to explore your goals and enable us to see whether the chemistry required for an impactful coaching relationship is there. Face to face appointments are available in central Zürich and Rapperswil, SG.


Resilience Masterclass

How well prepared are you to seize opportunities or deal with setbacks?

The skills that enable consistent high performers to step up when it really matters are collectively known as resilience. You may have experienced it yourself, witnessed it in friends or indeed top sports people. When it really matters, these people perform.

It is easy to believe that resilient people are born that way, that they just happen to be 'tough'. However the good news is that like any skill, the resilience skills can be learned and developed with practice.

Using real world examples underpinned by the latest scientific thinking you will explore the three Resilience domains of Mind, Body and Soul to build your own resilience profile and learn some practical tools for developing your resilience in each domain.