Set the standard

Our time is precious. When its gone, its gone. No pause and rewind. Respecting our time and that of others is a mark of a high performing individual and indeed organisation.

How often do you find yourself in a situation where people turn up late, leave early or aren't fully engaged in what we are saying and doing when we have taken time to prepare and show up? Be honest and challenge yourself as well, how good are you at respecting the time of your training partners, supporters and colleagues at work?

The best training group I ever ran with were brilliant with time. The warm up started on time, training started on time and there was no messing about. Fun yes, space to be flexible yes, but running late no. It didn't require the coach to be cracking the whip and on the occasions when he was held up the athletes got on with training. It was our culture. We were there to improve and using our time wisely was important to us.

The standard we operate to is in our gift. We can be clear when we expect to start and we can follow through on that commitment. The late comers will soon get the message when they find their training group has left without them or the meeting has begun.

Set some standards where it matters and raise the performance of yourself and those around you.