Re-charging the batteries

April was marathon season.

London and Boston took centre stage while for those who weren’t lucky enough or fast enough to get entries for London or Boston many smaller marathons all round the world provided a stage on which to perform.

Training for a marathon is a big commitment. It’s a commitment of time and energy to prepare. It’s a commitment to push yourself on race day knowing that your body will be bashed up at the end of the race and your psychological reserves drained.

That’s why the best in the world take a proper break after a marathon to recover and recharge – both physically and mentally.

The same principal applies in all walks of life. Making a sustained effort is draining. It may be rewarding but we also need to respect what it has taken out of us. Whether it is running your first marathon, moving house or delivering that big project at work, downtime to recharge is essential if we want to be able to perform again at the top of our game.

How often do you finding yourself charging headlong from one project to the next without taking time to re-charge your batteries like a champion?