Embrace the different

As the festive break gets underway, for many of us this means a period of a week or more that looks very different to how we normally live. Different people, different places, different time schedules, different food. You get the picture. That can be incredibly stressful, especially if we are trying to fit in 'what and how' we normally live around the different.

There is an alternative. Embrace the different for all its worth.

This goes for our sport as well at this time of year. Train at different times of the day and embrace the different temperatures and light. Substitute in a long family hike (and add a backpack for some extra strength training). Run with different people or inspire the less active to hop on a bike and accompany you. Try out some different routes (and implement a RunNudge such as 'leave the watch at home').

Enjoy a wonderful festive period and all the difference it brings!