3 good things - using gratitude to raise performance

Its very easy to focus on the things that have gone badly. You may recognise the following sort of dialogue in your mind at the end of the day: "this morning's train was late, what a waste of time the marketing meeting was, I felt tired on my training run, I didn't spend enough time with the kids. Tomorrow is going to be more of the same...." And on it goes. Not very helpful is it?

Research is now starting to back up what we intuitively know about showing gratitude for the good things in life. It makes us feel happier, more fulfilled and relaxed when appreciate what is good in our lives. The impact can also be felt by others when you share your gratitude.

For a while now I have been finishing each day with a simple little activity. I notice 3 good things in my life that day. You can write them down or share them out loud. I share them with Karin as I get a deeper connection to the experience when I force myself to vocalise it to others. 

Its a remarkably powerful tool and I am amazed at the number of times I surprise myself with what has made me grateful that day. We even surprise each other, so its also a great tool for knowing significant people in your life even better. It also guarantees that my mind is in a restful state ready for sleep.

You can adapt this approach to work as well. I once worked in a team that had a brief stand up meeting every Friday afternoon to share what had gone well that week and appreciate the contribution of colleagues.

What can you do to appreciate more the good things in your life?

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